The world is changing. Fortunately, working life offers a place for everyone to grow.

As you consider your career path, you must reflect on your uncertainties about the state of the world. You have to find your balance between the economy, the significance of your work and the quality of your life.

The future is difficult to predict, and in some industries, the nature of work will change more than in others. But even in a changing world, acquired skills are not lost – they are developed and refined by practice in the workplace. Vocational education offers opportunities both for new graduates and later career stages. Skills acquired in different ways are equally valuable.

Much like now, university degrees will remain relevant for only some of us. Vocational education, on-the-job training and shorter educational programmes will play an important role in building Finland’s future. We will continue to need houses, services, food, functioning infrastructure, machines and care. Skilled workers, professionals. People.

What is this all about?

The message ”people will always be needed” was born out of the wish to bring to light the professionals vital to our society, the hands-on skilled workers, and to bring a more human touch to the debate on skills, vocational training and working life.

A broad network of partners has created a communication umbrella to help raise the profile of vocational skills in a new, more human way. The umbrella concept brings together a wide range of communication activities from, e.g. companies, educational institutions and other national and regional partners.

The campaign is an initiative of the Confederation of Finnish Industries. It involves a wide range of industries, companies, educational institutions and other organisations that want to renew how we communicate about vocational skills and raise the importance of vocational skills in the societal debate. You and your organisation are warmly invited to join us!

To join our wide range of organisations, please email to express your interest.

Involved in the campaign